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Before You Break My Heart Lyrics
By All Star United

Artist: All Star United
Album: Love And Radiation
Date: 2007
Title: Before You Break My Heart


Today is gonna be the last day
Sweeping under the rug what Iíve done wrong
Iím just like a jet without a runway
Stuck on the ground for so long

What are you waiting for?
Before you break my heart
Before I let you go
And turn my whole world upside down
Before you break my heart
I gotta let you know
Thereís no better time than now
Iím strong but I feel so fragile
Iím the great wall of fine china
So come on kick my sandcastle
Cuz when you do I know Iíll find a

I need nothing more
Iím falling in a million
Little pieces on the ground
But I feel better now
Break my heart...

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