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Metaphor In Parentheses Lyrics
By House Of Heroes

Artist: House Of Heroes
Album: House Of Heroes
Date: 2005
Song: Metaphor In Parentheses


Darkness spends its lonely wings
on the high horizons of our hopes and dreams.
As long shadows grow, now they're fading,
in the twilight of our hopeful waiting.
The tide is rising.

O girl, you're needed tonight.
Behind your eyes there's a light.
Beautiful girl. Do what you will,
I'm not leaving tonight.

Under the weight of a clear endless sky.
It seems like we waste all our time making time.
I could spend all of mine inside your eyes.
Do what you will, I'm believing tonight.
I've left behind all the "whens?" and the "whys?".
Seems like I waste all my time making rhymes.
I could spend all of mine inside these lines.
Though I taste my tears, there is victory.
Love has conquered fear, truth will carry me.

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