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Your Wurlitzer Lyrics
By House Of Heroes

Artist: House Of Heroes
Album: What You Want Is Now
Date: 2006
Song: Your Wurlitzer


I did a casting call
it came out all wrong
you got the lead role
you want the walk on
the other passers-by they dont have a clue
that when I wrote the part I wrote it for you baby

you try too hard to get it
it only takes a minute
here and now
its right in front of you
it doesnt matter to you you're only twenty and two
like a canon
locked and loaded

I hear your wurlitzer
I hear it playing a tune
its so beautiful
its just like you
its in a minor key but has a major resolve
I hope we can
I think we can after all baby


The akward
the floating
the silence and the choking
the mystery
the passion and the irony


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