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The Way I Am Lyrics
By Jennifer Knapp

Artist: Jennifer Knapp
Album: The Collection (2003)
Album: The Way I Am (2001)
Song: The Way I Am


blind these eyes who never tried
to lose temptation
I'm so scared, where's the hesitation?
You so easily proved that You could save a man
I am that man

it's better off this way
to be deaf, dumb, and lame
than to be the way I am, I am
it's better off this way
than be groping for the flame
than to be the way I am, I am

still this tongue for I am hung
by this wicked notion
tame the beast, release
the noose I've woven
o, wasted tears dripping from my tongue
well I'm hung, hung


crooked path you never asked
you just left me there
and I deal with the aftermath
and you don't even care
o, crooked feet you nimbly meet the place of my fears

Chorus (x2)

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