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Mystery Lyrics
By Jonah33

Artist: Jonah33
Album: The Strangest Day
Date: 2005
Song: Mystery


Whatís it gonna take for the dead to wake in me?
What does it require to understand this fire inside
I want to comprehend where you start and where I end
If I could only magnify
If I could only magnify

The mystery behind you is consuming me
And I call conspiracy
You made yourself an endless maze of love
So Iíd never give up
Donít want to leave this mystery
Iíll never leave this mystery

So the question goes
Will I ever fully know the significance of the promises Iím told
And with this light inside is the dark afraid of me
Will the time come that I know?
Will the time come that I know?

If you ever came to me
To give me anything, anything at all
Your wisdomís what I need
For I am just a fiend
That craves your mystery

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