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Awaken Lyrics
By Justifide

Artist: Justifide
Album: Life Outside The Toybox
Date: 2001
Song: Awaken

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Woke up this morning with a sigh
Put on some shoes and took a walk outside
Needed a break from my daily routine
I think yíall know what I mean
Oh man, wait is this real
Things out here ainít normally how they feel
Maybe itís cause I never ever been up this early, No

This day when I step outside
I see things so clearly itís gonna make my eyes cry
I made the choice to return home
Now my life just ainít my own
And when I breathe I can taste the air
Never will I live my life again in fear
Died to my flesh yet my flesh is still here
Take this new life and I hold it so near

Woke up this morning with a feeling my life has changed
The price has been paid
And this is a secret that I wonít take to my grave, no way
Oh man, I know how you feel
Fill in the blank, make the void take a break
But I know a way where the fillerís not temporary

So now that I tell you
What are you thinkiní about
What, how to change
Cuz youíve seen me before
And now you want what I got
So now I say to take him in,
And your life will never be the same again

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