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Wake Up Lyrics
By The Swift

Artist: The Swift
Album: The Swift
Date: 2003
Song: Wake Up


Look at you and all of everything you've held on to.
Get rid of anything you thought you knew
cause now it's gonna change.

This is it, what you've been waiting for is finally here.
A chance to understand your life more
clearly now, wake up and see.


Wake up for the first time in your life.
I know that His arms are open wide. He can save you.
His love will change you if you let Him in.

Here He is, a God who understands your every need,
The One who opens up your eyes to see the world alive and new.


Whoa oh, wake up for the first time.
Whoa oh, to the rest of your life.
Make up your mind for the last time, now.

*This is it, yeah*



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