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Ordinary Day Lyrics
By Ginny Owens

Artist: Ginny Owens
Album: Beautiful
Date: 2004
Title: Ordinary Day


I've lived a lot of life, Seen so many things, And I like to think, Nothing surprises me, So I try To take it all in stride, No matter what tomorrow brings But Your plans for me Aren't predictable, And I find Your dreams So incredible. Never commonplace, And in so many ways, Always wild and wonderful Oh, You keep me guessing, Holding on tight For the ride of my life With You, all I can say, There's no such thing as an ordinary day. Since You write the script, I must confess, I don't always know What will happen next, Takes my breath away, Takes a lot of faith, 'cause I don't know what to expect Every time a new adventure unfolds, I realize that I'm not the one in control

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