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Anything But You Lyrics
By NewSong

Artist: NewSong
Album: Sheltering Tree
Date: 2000
Title: Anything But You


I've got a good car that gets me where I'm going
I've got a good house that I can go home to
but all these good things this world has to offer
I'm just using as I'm passing through
there's so much about this world that can distract me
so lord I pray that I will keep my eyes on you

Anything but you is only temporary
anything but you will quickly fade away
I'm not trustin' in, dependin' on, believin' in relying on
anyone or anything but you

Life has a strange way of gettin' complicated
all that's certain is that nothin' stays the same
but I'm not worried cause you promised you'd be with me
and I know that's one thing this world cannot change

There's so much that's tryin' to distract me
lord I pray each day I keep my eyes on you

repeat chorus:

I live each day completely
amazed by all that i've seen you do
what a fool I would be if I
let anything come between me and you


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