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God and Time Lyrics
By NewSong

Artist: NewSong
Album: Sheltering Tree
Date: 2000
Title: God and Time


I know you wished that you had been there to say goodbye
I know you wished that you could turn back the hands of time
I know the pain of loss you're feelin'
is almost more than you can bear
but let me give you hope in your despair

all you need is god and time to heal your broken heart
god and time to lift you up from where you are
I don't have all the answers to all your questions why
all I know is all you really need is god and time

only god can truly understand how his healing works
and how he uses time in our lives to overcome our hurts
but one thing you can be sure of, he is not surprised
by anything that happens in your life


I know this side of heaven we may never understand
but we can trust the heart of god and know
we're always in his hands


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