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Hope Changes Everything Lyrics
By NewSong

Artist: NewSong
Album: Sheltering Tree
Date: 2000
Title: Hope Changes Everything


Our lives were spinning in a hopeless situation
livin' in a fallen world without hope for change
but heaven heard our cries and that's why jesus came
now it's up to us to give his love away

Let's take the hope of christ lift it up and hold it high
because hope changes everything
let's take this faith we wear to hurting people everywhere
because hope changes everything
no matter how dark or troubled someone's live may seem
I do believe with all my heart that hope changes everything

Every time i see someone who's feelin' helpless
every time i hear another desperate plea
I'm reminded of the place where he found me
there's no one that's gone too far for him to reach


God has placed inside of us and everlasting hope
and it's up to each of us to go


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