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I Adore You Lyrics
By Phil Joel

Artist: Phil Joel
Album: Bring It On
Date: 2002
Title: I Adore You


Disappointment cuts me like a knife
But I wonít be afraid
Strange operations happen all around
The audience escapes unscathed
You are my fortress in this storm
I will cling to You
Like a sailor lost to the wind
Itís all about turns
Turn about face
Itís all about knowing
More of Your grace
I know now
You are my sure thing

You know my heart
You know my soul
You know my comings and goings
You know it all
And I adore You
There are questions
Thereís no doubt
I trust You
And that matters now
I, yeah, I adore You

To the prisoner inside
This mind of mine
You know
I only know so much
Still You and You
Alone have shown
The lighthouse glow
That leads me home again
ĎCause You are my sure thing

I will wait for You
Every moment of this life
Journey closer to be refined
I will trust in You
Far beyond this line of sight
Journey closer to be my guide

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