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No Longer Lyrics
By Phil Joel

Artist: Phil Joel
Album: Bring It On
Date: 2002
Title: No Longer


Why would I not tell You the truth?
When I see Youíre tired of the lying
To walk away itís killing You
I tell myself what I know is not true
I read Your lips
As we parted ways
And I say to myself
Never again will I be ashamed

No longer, no longer
Will I sit back
And watch the world slowly slip away
No longer, no longer
Do I have anything to lose
Worth more than what Youíve given me

I strained my voice
Whispering truth
From the books I read
And other peoplesí views
But at the end of the day
What difference does it make?
Itís time I took my mind off me

Iím reaching up
Youíre reaching in
Iím gonna reach out now

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