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When I Fall Lyrics
By Rachael Lampa

Artist: Rachael Lampa
Album: Rachael Lampa
Date: 2004
Song: When I Fall


How can I find you- are you hiding or am I
Should I go or should I wait- for a sign
Following your voice- walking through a desert night
and I see a silent storm in the sky
And I stand in my emotion and I let it be my own
Cuz I know I'm not forsaken
And I'll never be alone

When I fall - when I fall
I know where ill be landing
When I fall- when I fall
You will still be standing

Somewhere in the silence I can hear your broken voice
Like a radio station fading out of range
Somewhere in the crowd from the corner of my eye
I thought that I could feel you- walking by
And when I get this feeling like I am not so strong
I still can feel you with me
Yea you've been there all along

Somewhere I'm alone- won't you take my empty hands
And fill them with your love
Won't you take me as I am

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