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Everybody Move With It Lyrics
By Tammy Trent

Artist: Tammy Trent
Album: Set You Free
Date: 2000
Song: Everybody Move With It


Now that you are listenin'
Now that I've got your ear
I've got a little secret that you need to hear
I know some may be wonderin'
What this thing is all about
The reason why we scream and shout

It's alright
It's okay
To put your hands together
and praise the Lord in this way
It's okay
It's alright
To lift your voice in this
place and get down tonight

If you've been set free
You know you are free indeed
So come along with me
Everybody move with it
Can you feel the beat
You know it's alright
The Spirit lives in you and me
So everybody move with it

C'mon now, don't you just stand there
Look around, get off your feet
You know that God has been much too good
For you to sit there in your seat
It's so easy all you gotta do
Is take a chance and lift your hands
The next thing you know
You just start to dance

Now it's a different type of party when the factor is
Still standing in His presence like the
cactus is, I practice this
The Spirit's like the happiness radiating
from award-winning actresses
Lord, I thank You for that fact that Your access is
Available without a cable or a satellite dish
I read a little book and the plot is this
A reconciled generation to the Rock we've missed

Come along with me, everybody move with it
The Spirit's movin', don't you wait another minute
If you hesitate you just might miss it
Come with me
Come with me

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