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My Irreplaceable Lyrics
By Tammy Trent

Artist: Tammy Trent
Album: Set You Free
Date: 2000
Song: My Irreplaceable


You're the hope that I have inside
You're the joy that has changed my life
You're the passion that fills my soul
And a peace like I've never known

It's wonderful believin'
You'll never let me go

You are the heart of me
You are the breath I breathe
My all, my everything, my irreplaceable
You're love has set me free
You're every song I sing
My all, my everything, my irreplaceable

Lord, You gave me a second start
Now, I'm giving You back my heart
You were as close as a word of prayer
And in a moment I knew You cared

Lord, I just want to thank You
For this miracle of Love

I don't deserve You compassion
But You washed my guilt away
Lord, Your mercy is everlasing
You never change, no

You are the heart of me
My irreplaceable

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