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Real Life Lyrics
By Tammy Trent

Artist: Tammy Trent
Album: I See Beautiful
Date: 2006
Song: Real Life


More than just a ray of hope
You kept your promise
You told me that I could so I did
I started over
Now I discovered things about me
You had created
Shackled by my past
Lord I'm free at last

Real Life Real Life
Oh, I'm finally living
New Life New Life
Ohhhh yeah!
Real Life Real Life
Oh, I'm finally living
Brand New Life New Life

I see in the way the sun comes up
I'm starting over
A brand new day this way
Now and forever
Maybe all you need like me
Just had to hear it
Well listen up
Pick yourself up
Begin to live a real life


On the cross you died for me
So I could live forever free
And the hope I feel cannot compare
Through your strength I'm movin' on
And my heart is growin' strong
No one else could offer this to me

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