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See The Light Lyrics
By True Vibe

Artist: True Vibe
Album: See The Light
Date: 2002
Song: See The Light


It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing
You could be somebody's hope (yea)
You really don't have to look that far
To see that you can take the light that lives within
and guide the way that leads to him

Raise your hands, Testify
That the world may see the light
Everyone can make a difference
Take your candles, hold 'em high
So they light the darkest sky
So the world may see the light

All around us everywhere are people hurting
Opportunities to love
Make the most of everyday of every moment
That he gives for us to share
Take the time to show you care


Oh we pray in all we say and do
Everyone will see you and only you
Take our lives Lord and let 'em be a sign
(You can take a broken heart and
and bring it back to life)
We can make a difference


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