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What Do We Wish On Now Lyrics
By True Vibe

Artist: True Vibe
Album: True Vibe
Date: 2001
Song: What Do We Wish On Now


So many words, so many lies
Funny now thereís nothing left to say
We had our share of days in the sun
But we let the clouds get in the way
Who knew how high we could climb
ĎTil we got to the top and we saw how far we could fall?
Now that youíre gone, itís all I can do
To keep from losing it all Tell me, what do we wish on now

Now that our star has fallen from the sky?
Where did we go so wrong in this love
And how do I kiss you goodbye?
Letters and cards, pictures of you
I never thought they would look so old
Must have been fools, we had it all
But it fell apart when our love grew cold
Standing with you in the rain
Only now in the end can we drop

our guard and be real Wishing you well, watching you go
I donít know how I should feel
ĎCause lately my heart keeps telling me to run to you
I still canít believe that youíre gone
But, baby, my mind keeps telling me that we are through
And telling my heart to move on

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