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Without Love Lyrics
By True Vibe

Artist: True Vibe
Album: True Vibe
Date: 2001
Song: Without Love


If diamonds could buy love, if
laughter could buy the stars
If wishes were more than what they are
What I wouldnít do just to buy the dream I had with you
And give it all up, you know it
ainít much good I can go on pretending
But I know Iíd do it all again

ĎCause without love Iím no one
Without love what would I do
Without you in my life
Nothing would ever be right
Iíd be alone with nowhere to go
Without love

Without love It felt like you
were gone, somehow the dream goes on
Baby, youíre where I belong
Everythingís changed and I know Iíll never be the same
But somethingís inside, I feel it tonight (I canít go on)
Donít you know I need you(I canít go on)
What would I do, baby, without

you Baby, thereís nowhere to run
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to hide
I know whatís done is done
But we can make it right
I need you in my life

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