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Jesus I Love Calling Your Name Lyrics
By Shirley Caesar

Artist: Shirley Caesar
Title : Jesus I Love Calling Your Name

Jesus, Jesus, I love calling Your name.
Jesus, Jesus, everyday Your name is the same.
Verse 1:
When the troubles surround me,
and I didnít have to despair;
Lord, You told me that Youíd be right there.
Seems like all my problems, they have just begun;
but Iím not gonna worry about it no more, Youíve already won.


Verse 2:
I remember the time when I felt so all alone,
when I needed You, Jesus, all I had to do was call.
I called You in the morning,
I called You late at night,
but when I went on my knees and called You, Lord,
You made everything alright.


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