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Talkin' Bout Jesus Lyrics
By Vicki Yohe

Artist: Vicki Yohe
Album: I Just Want You
Date: 2003
Song: Talkin' Bout Jesus


If you're cast down, and looking within
Covered with shame, and swallowed by sin
Just turn your eyes to the sky up above
He changes, He changes not
I'm talking bout Jesus, Glory Righteous,
Holy, Lamb of God,Someday,He's coming again
Just like the moon, we borrow our light
He makes our way, straight through the night
Just like the children, of the Promised land
If He leads us out,You know that He'll lead us in
I'm talking bout Jesus,Glory,Righteous,Holy,Lamb of God,Someday,He's coming again
I'm singing about Jesus,Savior,Healer,Maker,Warrior,Praise God,He's coming again

(Bridge)Let the kingdom come
Let the kingdom come
When we have heaven here on earth
Then we'll be one(Repeat Chorus)

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