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Christian/Biblical Meaning of Names

Introduction to the biblical meanings of peoples names, plus selection of names, ideal for parents seeking inspirational advice on choosing Christian baby names

The Christian meaning of names owes much of its fascination among Christians to the events documented in the bible thousands of years ago. There are a great many Christian names with interesting and insightful meanings, many have their derivation from biblical, Hebrew, Latin and Greek origins. Many of these names refer to and are inspired by the essence of God and other lofty, eternal principles such as love, honor, peace, justice, strength, grace, humility and wisdom.

The biblical meanings of peoples names is a subject that often comes to the fore among Christians when we become parents, eager to give our children befitting Christian baby names. However, it is worth noting when considering the biblical meaning of names, that Hebrew names are not all entirely Hebrew in their origin. Some Hebrew names originate from Greek, Arabic, Persian, Egyptian, Aramaic, Latin; and even Spanish and English due to the historical influence of these cultures throughout recorded time.

Christian Meaning of Names

Meaning of Christian Baby Names for Boys

Abrahem [Hebrew] Father of many nations
Alexander [Greek] Defender of men
Benjamin [Hebrew] Is son of the right hand
Christian [Latin] Follower of Christ
David [Hebrew] beloved
Daniel [Hebrew] God is my judge
Emmanuel [Hebrew] God is with us
Ephrem [Hebrew] Fruitful
Gabriel [Hebrew] God is my might
Hezekiah [Hebrew] Power from god
James [Hebrew] Supplanter
Joel [Hebrew] The Lord is God
Jonathan [Hebrew] Gift from God
Joseph [Hebrew] He will enlarge
Joshua [Hebrew] God rescues
Lucas [Greek] Man from Lucania
Luke [Greek] Man from Lucania
Marcus [Latin] From the god Mars
Mathew [Hebrew] Gift of God
Michael [Hebrew] Who is like God?
Nathaniel [Hebrew] Gift of god
Nehemiah [Hebrew ] Consoled by God
Paul [Latin] humble
Samuel [Hebrew] His name is God
Simon [Hebrew] Listening
Solomon [Hebrew] Peace
Theophilus [Greek] Friend of God
Zechariah [Hebrew] The Lord remembers

More Insight on Biblical Meaning of Names

Meaning of Christian Baby Names for Girls

Abigail [Hebrew] Father in rejoicing
ChloŽ [Greek] Young shoot
Christian [Latin] Follower of Christ
Daniela [Hebrew] God is my judge
Elizabeth [Hebrew] My God is a vow
Eve [Hebrew] Life
Hannah [Hebrew] Grace; favour
Jemima [Hebrew] A dove
Joanna [Hebrew] God is gracious
Judith [Hebrew] Of Judea
Kirstin [Latin] Follower of Christ
Madeleine [Hebrew] From Magdala
Natalie Italian Christ's birthday
Philippina [Greek] Lover of horses
Rebecca [Hebrew] To tie
Sarah [Hebrew] Princess
Sharon [Hebrew] The plains
Tiffany [Greek] Manifestation of God