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Christian Bible Group Icebreakers

Examples of icebreakers for cell leaders to introduce to participants during bible group sessions

Christian bible group icebreakers are games or activities that help "people loosen up and break the ice" during bible group sessions. They are a great way for Christians to come together and consolidate their friendship and support whilst sharing in the fellowship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bible groups not only help foster learning of the gospel, they are also an important vehicle for people to come closer together and support one another spiritually, emotionally, morally and through other means within a close knit evangelical network.

There are various fun Christian bible group icebreakers which group leaders can introduce. One popular icebreaker is the Indian Poker:
In this game the participants sit in a circle and in turn, without looking at the cards, each draw a card and then hold it against his/her forehead. They can advice each other to change the card they are holding for another card. At the end of the round, each participant place his/her card on the floor to see it. The person with the smallest card lose the round. After four losses a participant forfeits the game. The trick in this icebreaker is to convince others to trade high ranking cards for lesser ones !!!

Another basic icebreaker that works is called My Favorite Verse Intro. This is a straight-forward activity where the participants go round the room at the beginning of a session and introduce themselves, and in addition to their names and where they come from, they also say their favorite bible verse, explaining why it means so much to them !!