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Dorothy Norwood I Prayed About It Lyrics

Artist: Dorothy Norwood
Title : I Prayed About It

Verse 1
I prayed about it,
and He gave me peace of mind.
I prayed about it,
and He stepped right in on time;
I went down on my knees
and gave it to Jesus,
and He gave me the victory.

I prayed about it,
and God still answers prayer.

Verse 2
I prayed about it,
that old problem that would not go away.
I prayed about it,
I just carried it from day to day;
but one day in prayer,
I laid that problem down and I heard Him say,
?no cross, no crown?.


What a friend we have in Jesus,
all our sins and grieves to bear.
What a privillage to carry


Answers prayer

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