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Edwin Hawkins With My Whole Heart Lyrics

Artist: Edwin Hawkins
Title : With My Whole Heart

With My Whole Heart
(written by Thomas Whitfield)
(recorded by Edwin Hawkins and The Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar Mass Choir)
(based on Psalm 86:12)

There's so much in my heart
that I wanna say dear Lord.
There's so much You are
and so much You've done.

I wanna get some help from You, Lord,
in my heart I wanna to try to relate it tonight,
and please forgive me Lord if I start to cry.

(I've got to) tell You how I love You, Jesus,
tell You how I worship and adore You, Master.
Teach me how to honor Thee,
with my whole heart,
I will bless You, Precious Lord.

There's no trouble You can't see me through,
never a worry, never a care, always on time.
When I'm alone, You raise my spirit by Your touch,
You made my day bright,
Oh with my whole heart
, I will bless You, Precious Lord.

With my whole heart,
I will bless You, Precious Lord.

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