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J Moss Livin' 4 Lyrics

Artist: J Moss
Album : J Moss Project
Year : 2004
Title : Livin' 4

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You made my toes, bring my balance to the floor
You made my feet, walk right over to your door
You had my ankles, tangled, and puzzled
You had my knees to the point they'd buckle
the light of day hadn't stumbled over your way
Didn't wait for the night time, the high time, the right time
Bein as it was, we had to close the door
It's like turnin away from a million bucks
But I can't see you no more

It's like the cold of a lonly night
The draft of a window not shut tight
I've got a hunger for bein right
That's what I'm livin for, I'm livin for
Inticed by the things you do
It's a one way ticket to devil's hell foolin wit you
My soul wants to be true
That's what I'm livin for, I'm livin for