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Sounds Of Blackness Hold On
(Change Is Coming) Lyrics

Artist: Sounds Of Blackness
Title : Hold On (Change Is Coming)

Yesterday, a man step to me,
He said how can you smile when your world is crumbling down
I said, here's my secret, when I wanna cry, I take a look around
And I see that I'm getting by
And I hold on
Hold On
A change is coming
Change is coming
Hold on
Hold on
Don't you worry
Don't worry bout a thing
Hold on
Hold on
You can make it
You can make it
Hold on
Hold on
Everything will be alright
Some people like to worry
Some people like hide
Some people like to run away
From the pain inside
Now it's your business
Do whatever you wanna do
But if it don't work out
Here's what you oughta do
When the troubles of life weigh you down, just lift your head
Yea, yea, yea
When the love you seek is hard to find,
Don't give up, just keep strong, keep ther faith and
Hold on

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