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The Clark Sisters Pure Gold Lyrics

Artist: The Clarke Sisters
Title : Pure Gold


Verse 1:
Though we are tried like silver in the fire
We come out as pure gold.
We must be refined and then we need to shine
We come out as pure gold

There is a process to all fulfillingness,
there is significance to every experience.

From each trial we learn, (we learn, we learn);
all foundation becomes firm,
all foundation becomes firm.

Verse 2:
We're dusted and melted Like brass, tin, and iron,
we've become like a stone.
We're carved, scraped, and shapened like rock, wood, and metal,
we've become like a stone

The rock of salvation, a sure foundation,
steadfast, unmovable, strong as Mt. Zion.

(It's for the Master's plan),
we know all things work together,
we know all things work together.

(Though we're tried in the fire)
(we come) out as pure gold.

Lord, make us strong.
(repeat as desired)

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