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Virtue Give Him The Praises Lyrics

Artist: Virtue
Album: Testimony
Year: 2006
Title : Give Him The Praises

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[Verse 1 - Ebony]
I've got this praise in me that must come out
I can't hold it inside there's to much to shout about
Seein' where I've been and where I am right now I know
He's brought me through things I couldn't get through on my own

Give him the praises he deserves
Let songs of his glory be heard
Let every voice aloud and without shame
Let those who know his name praise him

[Verse 2 - Heather]
His majesty so mighty there is no one above him
And with thanksgiving we enter and begin to
Lift his name on high worldwide providers strong and true
Not one of his children have been forsaken by him ooh, I know

[Hook - Karima]
Times I wnated to give up (He helped me)
Press on and I'm hear today 'cuz (He loved me)
Everday of my life see (yeah)
How he provides for me (Constantly)
Never left in need (Nobody)
I know that he's done for you too
So don't be silent ooh, you need to


[Bridge - Karima]
Rejoice and give glory to father
Because he faileth never (But availeth everytime)
All of God's children let me hear ya
Praise him, hallelujuah (Blessed be thy holy name forever)
So everybody

[Chorus (3x)]

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