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Broken Road Lyrics
By 12 Stones

Artist: 12 Stones
Album: Anthem For The Underdog
Date: 2007
Song: Broken Road


Time, moves slowly while you're gone
I haven't heard your voice in quite some time
but I still see your face
I cannot erase the things you've done
and all the ways you've kept me hangin' on

Now you're gone
I've moved on
and I don't feel so sorry
can't you see I'm bleeding
but I won't bleed anymore
I've held on
for so long now
but I had to let you go
at the end of our broken road

I know, it hurts to hear the truth
well maybe
I was never meant to be with you
and I cannot replace
the tears of disgrace
that run for you
cause running from the truth is what you do


At the end of our broken road
you were all I've ever known
and I cannot replace all these tears of disgrace
and I won't bleed for you anymore


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