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Revolution Lyrics
By All Star United

Artist: All Star United
Album: Revolution
Date: 2002
Title: Revolution


It's a desperate situation when your world it falls apart.
We believe that we've been walking in the light
when we're crawling in the dark.
And we've been going 'round in all the wrong directions,
And have we all been shot by phasers set to stun?
It's time for all the world to wake up one by one
It's only just begun

Oh it's a revolution
Open up your eyes,
Try to realize
Oh, in your fit of confusion
Open up your eyes
Try to realize
It's time to make a change

Have I been crying out without making connection?
And can you understand just where I'm coming from?
It's time for all of us to wake up one by one
It's only just begun, only just begun


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