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Go And Be Lyrics
By Audio Adrenaline

Artist: Audio Adrenaline
Album: Worldwide
Date: 2003
Song: Go And Be


You're like a letter that's never mailed
you're like a hammer without a nail
you've been standing in this place for far too long

You come to the table and you get fed
then you hide it inside your head
so why not open up and start to run


Go and be
nothing less than you
'cause you begin in Him
He'll show you what you need to know
to go and be
every single day
go and be

You're like a winner without a prize
like a bird without a sky
you're not into the race until you run

So run with your life and you will find
all the things that you leave behind
don't mean that much when everything's brand new


Will you be the one
to come and see
will you be the one
to go and be


Now go and be
nothing less than you
go and be
nothing less than true
would you come and see
all there is to be
come and see
go and be

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