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Running Through My Mind Lyrics
By Big Dismal

Artist: Big Dismal
Album: Believe
Date: 2003
Song: Running Through My Mind


Endless streets of black
Leading nowhere it seems
Lessons from being trapped
Inside a dream

For some itís play
Many choose to walk away

Can somebody tell me
What am I doing here?
I need to know if
Itís all been a waste of time?

I hope we make it
I hope we will survive
These are the questions
Running through my mind

Scarring our skin with the
Color blue
I donít know if I can go on
Without you

For some itís play
Many choose to walk away
From the demons pulling you in
Blinded by the light you canít defend

Forest brown with fields of red
Remembering all the things we did
Bridges always join us together
I wish this time could last forever

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