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Because You're Mine Lyrics
By Building 429

Artist: Building 429
Album: Rise
Date: 2006
Song: Because You're Mine


You ought to know that I am here (near)
You ought to know Iíll be here to love you
Just to love you
Through all the pain and through the years
Iíll be the one to dry your tears
I love you, I love you
Because youíre mine

Child of mine I know that youíre hurting
And Iíve seen you try to soldier on
I am here to lift away your burden
And I will hold you till the pain is gone

So today I promise forever
Tomorrow Iíll say it again
You would give it all to know the answers
And I know youíve heard this all before
Iím just here to help your heart remember
That no one else could ever love you more

So today I promise forever
Tomorrow, Iíll say it again

So donít you ever doubt
You are my precious child
my glory in the making
The years will bring you many trials
But I will never let you down
Iím here with my arms open just waiting for...

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