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Building 429 Free Lyrics

Artist: Building 429
Album: Glory Defined
Date: 2004
Song: Free

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Whatever You want
Whatever You need
I want to be the one to give
Everything of me
So I'll strive to live worthy of Your calling
When I fall I know that You'll still love me

And I'm free
Cause after all that's come and gone
I know that You'll be holding on to me
And I believe
That when I'm feeling all alone
That's when I'll be leaning on Your love

I still break down
When I'm paralyzed with fear
But I hold onto the words I've read
And listen for Your voice that calls me near
Cause all that makes me who I am to be
Is everything in You that I still need
It's a long road for me to make it home
But I don't go alone

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