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Nobody Hugs A Rose Lyrics
By Cool Hand Luke

Artist: Cool Hand Luke
Album: Wake Up O Sleeper
Year: 2003
Song: Nobody Hugs A Rose


She cannot see the ocean.
For the trees that block the way.
She cannot see forever 'cause,
she cant see past today.
She's driving home so empty.
From another one night stand.
With a guy who doesnt care,
but just wants to feel like a man.
If only falling in love was as easy making it.

nobody hugs a rose (3x)
She's all alone 'cause nobody hugs a rose.

She has no ring to speak of.
Save the one her daddy left.
He stepped out of her life,
leaving some jewelry on a shelf.
Seems like every man she loves ends up walking away.

nobdy hugs a rose (3x)
She's all alone 'cause nobody hugs rose.

There's never been a prettier soul,
No, theres never been a lovelier rose.
But she can never wipe away all her tears.
She cries herself to sleep and
wakes up to the same old fears.
She only needs someone to hold to her right now.
A man who would wear those thorns like a crown.

She steps into the bedroom,
and falls onto the floor.
She cries out to her savior
that she just cant take no more.
Jesus says "Girl I've been waiting,
for this very day.
When I could pick you up and strip those dirty thorns away."
Nevermore will she think in her old futile ways,

nobody hugs a rose (3x)
She's not alone, 'cause somebody loved a rose.

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