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With You Lyrics
By Delirious

Artist: Delirious
Album: World Service
Date: 2003
Song: With You


Ooh ooh ooh just another day
When being with you
shines a light as I go my way
Oh ooh ooh just another day
Another moment you and
I can take it all the way
And itís OK cos

Iím with you, Iím with you, only you
To steal another day, is all thatís on my mind
And Iím staying here to find that
Iím with you

Ooh ooh ooh nothing left to say
When my heart it burns with holy fire
donít get in my way
Ooh ooh ooh give it all away
Got to keep these clean hands dirty
if Iím gonna to stay awake
But itís OK

You never let me go
You never let me fall
I know youíre in this pain
And when Iíve got it all
And Iím clinging on to you
ĎCos itís all that we can do
ĎCos knowing you is beautiful

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