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Light My Way Lyrics
By Fighting Instinct

Artist: Fighting Instinct
Album: Fighting Instinct
Date: 2006
Song: Light My Way


Iíll tell You everything I am
Iím lost and lonely
Iím afraid of not knowing when Iíve lost my way
and now Iím standing still
and I can feel you getting closer
I can feel Your love upon me
will You light my way

will You light my way
so I can see the path beyond the light of day
will I ever be the same
will You light my way

A fear of losing what Iíve gained
will You help me let it go, let it go
giving everything I have
I part with nothing that is mine
does this cost outweigh the cure
is it more than worth the prize


I surrender all and I seek Your face

will You light the world
You can light the word
as long as Youíre in it
as Youíre in it


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