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Pay Me A Dollar Lyrics
By Flatfoot 56

Artist: Flatfoot 56
Album: Jungle Of The Midwest Sea
Date: 2007
Song: Pay Me A Dollar


Pay me a dollar for my sweat and my blood
With callus hands I work the land in the pain and the mud
I take pride in what I do to serve is my own joy
I will work hard for you good sir Iím an all-American boy

I say hey for my lazy work today
Thatís right Iíll be working hard tonight
Say hey I found a better way
Thatís right Iíll be working through tonight

Pay me a dollar for my sweat is my pay
I live to work itís fun I shirk to me thereís no other way
My lifeís the job I wonít be a slob my family time can wait
Listen here my darling dear to die on the job is my fate

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