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Krystal Meyers Fire Lyrics

Artist: Krystal Meyers
Album: Krystal Meyers
Date: 2005
Song: Fire


You make light from dark
Illuminate my heart
It started with a spark
And now I'm consumed
I know that it's your will
So I'm gonna shine until
I'm a city on a hill
And they can see you

And know you
And know you inside

You set me
You lit me
I'm on fire
What a beautiful sight to see
I'm on fire
Until my light is burning bright
I'm gonna lift your name and let this flame get higher

Let your fire feed on all my disbelief
Cause you are all I need
You're contagious
Like a blaze I can't contain
It never fades away
It's sunshine through the rain
That's what your love is

And I know
And I know inside


I wanna show 'em you're the only one
Show 'em you're the only one
You're the only reason why I'm on fire

(Chorus 2x)

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