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Your Name Lyrics
By Radial Angel

Artist: Radial Angel
Album: One More Last Time
Date: 2003
Song: Your Name


Falling down, down to the ground
we praise your name, sweet lamb of god

I know youíre there, I sing you this praise
although iím scared, I still bless his name

I can feel, your love, in my life
all I can hear, is the sound, of your voice

An army of men, canít stop the end
well I know youíre scared, just take my hand
Iíll take you there, heís taking us there

Just follow me there, heíll take us in
well he knows weíre scared, cause this is the end

I can feel your love in my life
all I can hear is the sound of your voice
and itís calling me, well youíve called my name
and I will go and praise your name

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