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High Of 75 Lyrics
By Relient K

Artist: Relient K
Album: mmHmm
Date: 2004
Song: High Of 75


We were talking together
I said, ďWhatís up with this weather?Ē
Don't know whether or not
How sad I just got
Was on my own volition
Or if Iím just missing the sun

And tomorrow I know
Will be rainy at best
And the forecast I know
Is that Iíll be depressed
But Iíll wait outside
Hoping that Iíll catch sight of the sun

Because on and off
The clouds have fought for control over the sky
And lately the weather has been so bi-polar
And consequently so have I

But now Iím
Sunny with a high of 75
Since you took my heavy heart and made it light
And it's funny how you find you enjoy your life
When youíre happy to be alive

And the temperature is freezing
And then after dark
Thereís a cold front
Sweeping in over my heart
And we might break up
If I donít wake up to the sun

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