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4:12 Lyrics
By Switchfoot

Artist: Switchfoot
Album: Oh! Gravity
Date: 2006
Song: 4:12


Youíve been having trouble staying asleep
You been waking up at 4:12
You roll the voices over in your head
Then you try to put them neatly on the shelf

You watch the sun rise
You saw the darkness had no choice before the dawn
With your own eyes
And then you broke out laughing from a yawn

You said,
ďIím so sorry Iíve been so down.
I started doubting things could ever turn around.
And I began to believe that all we are is material.
Itís nonsensical.Ē

So you walk outside and everythingís new
Youíre looking at the world with new eyes.
As if youíd never seen a sky before thatís blue
As if youíve never seen the sky in your whole life
And then the phone rings
As it turns out you are already late
And now youíre wondering
Was peace just a temporary state?

Youíre waiting tables and parking cars
Youíve been selling cell phones at the shopping mall
And you began to believe that all you are is material
Itís nonsensical

I still canít believe that all we are
And that all of are dreams are nothing more than material

Souls arenít built of stone,
Sticks and bones
And souls arenít built of stone

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