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Listening After Midnight Lyrics
By ApologetiX

Artist: ApologetiX
Album: Adam Up
Date: 2004
Title: Listening After Midnight


Listeniní after midnight, watchiní till I yawn
Learniní till Iím snoring, then Iím gone, Iím gone
I took a seat upon the window ledge (boldly, slowly)
Iím three floors up and on the edge (holy moly)
I come to church and they preach all night
Thatís why I may be droopy-eyed

That preacher Paul is lecturing still (code red, code red)
He needs to take a sleeping pill (go to bed, go to bed)
While Paulís a-preaching, Iím half awake
Itís morning, Reverend, take a break!

Iím leaniní forward, Iím falliní floorward
My bodyís tumbliní Ė Oh, I died in the fall!
The resurrectionís starting now (for me, for me)
Iím guessiní God gave Paul the power (glory, glory)
He saved my life and then dove in
The boy starts teaching us again
Lecturiní after midnight, talkiní till the dawn
Leaviní in the morning, then heís gone, all gone
Itís in Acts 20, I am Eutychus
Love to tell the story, and itís Ďcause I was
Liviní after midnight, God can do it all
Life is never boring when thereís God

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