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I Survive Lyrics
By Avalon

Artist: Avalon
Album: Stand
Date: 2006
Title: I Survive


I can feel it cominí now Ė that same old pain
Tryiní to work me like a prisoner
Shackled bound and shamed
But in my soul I know
That You give me the strength it takes to break these chains

I survive
Life keeps cominí at me
Doesnít break me
Iím never going down
I need strength I know Youíll help me make it
I survive

Donít know what tomorrow brings
Donít wanna guess
But with You by my side I know I can face any test
And so Iíll honor You by standing tall
And breathing in this love that Iíve been blessed

Thatís my promise Ė Wonít compromise
Youíre the truth Ė that kills the lies
Youíll pull me through it Ė Iím not afraid
You rescue me Ė day by day

With you I can never fake it
Wonít go down Ė You help me take it
Help me make it

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