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You Must Have Been an Angel Lyrics
By Bob Carlisle

Artist: Bob Carlisle
Album: Butterfly Kisses
Date: 1997
Title: You Must Have Been an Angel

Album tracks :   


I was the lonely one inside,
seemed like my prayers had been denied
I'd come to the decision to never find a love that's true

down on my knees again,
in prayer; Oh Lord, please send someone to care,
My best imagination could not have dreamed someone like you...

you Must Have been an angel,
I can tell by the heavenly way my heart fell,
Oh, it was Spiritual, A miracle,
that an angel would fall in love with me

you've got that heart of gold I swear,
you are the answer to my prayer
and so much heavenly power,
to make a mortal dream come true

Oh you were Heaven sent I know, for even when the lights are low,
I can almost see a halo,Girl, I'm so in love with you

Girl I'm so glad I found you,
Gonna wrap my whole world around you
Oh, it's gonna be, so heavenly, Just you & me....

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