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This Is the Stuff Lyrics
By Carolyn Arends

Artist: Carolyn Arends
Album: Seize the Day and Other Stories
Date: 2000
Title: This Is the Stuff


Riding along on a big yellow school bus
Elmerís glue and a brand new lunch box
Writing my name for the very first time
With a pencil that was bigger than me
From jumping rope and skipping school
To doing things that grown-ups do
Life goes by like that big old bus
If you miss it, itís history

Paper dolls and paper weights
Scraped up knees and hearts that break
Dreams to dream and plans to make
Love to give and love to take

This is the stuff
The smallest moments
This is the stuff
I need to notice
This is the stuff
Life is made of

Walking along as my life unravels
Looking back at the road Iíve travelled
All the things that matter most
Have caught me by surprise
Misty eyes and silent prayers
Promises and secrets shared
Friends that keep you up all night
Laughing till you cry

Lifeís made up of little things
Ties that bind and apron strings
New beginnings, old routines
Love and heartache in between


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