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One Drop Of Blood Lyrics
By Charles Billingsley

Artist: Charles Billingsley
Album: Between the Now and Then
Date: 1999
Title: One Drop Of Blood


Running like a river
Came a desperate, raging tide
Gaining new momentum
With each sinful act of pride

Generations longed for freedom
But their will remained enslaved
To hopeless repetition
Of a guilty debt unpaid

'Til one Man
Hanging on one tree
Took our sin and died to set us free

Just one drop of blood
From the spotless Lamb
One drop of blodd
From the great I Am
Sins of old and those to come
Washed by Calvary's crucified Son
It didn't take a river, stream, or flood
Just one drop of blood

Deeper than a river
Comes the pain that fills our land
Running strong and silent
Past our hopeful plans

Violence and oppression
Children dying in the streets
Our only resolution
Our only hope for peace

Is just one Man
Hanging on one tree
Who took our sin and died to set us free


Oh, my sin could fill a thousand oceans
And I'm as far away from heaven as I can be
But my Saviour built a bridge to cross the distance
To set me free


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