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Amusing Lyrics
By Chris Rice

Artist: Chris Rice
Album: Amusing
Date: 2005
Title: Amusing


Am I dreaming such absurdities
Iím flying, and youíre here with me
We fingerpaint the sky
Chase constellations sliding by
Connect their dots and dance on tightropes in between
We twirl and laugh about these crazy things we dream
And then I kiss you
And I wake myself
Still laughing

Itís daybreak, and the whole worldís new
The sun smiles, but where are you?
Wish I could hold you again
Nothing a daydream cannot mend
You smile and promise me youíll always be around
I whisper halleluís and sing your name out loud
But no one hears me
Well, at least for now
Iím smiling

You canít write such a comedy
Without some conspiracy
Inside thereís mutiny and mayhem
My secrets all want you to know them
I shed a tear because this love can never be
But as the saying goes it doesnít hurt to dream
As long as you know
That I find it all
So amusing

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